This is our own design.  These are 20 inches high with a bench on each side.  You can reach to the middle from either side.  We use Trex on top so you never have slivers.  Designed to never bulge out. Download PDF Instructions 


Custom Built Grow Boxes

Square Foot Gardening

3’ x 8‘ (I like 3 feet wide)     

3’ x 12’

4’ x 4’ (I find these are a little too hard to reach to)

Pick the height you want

Download PDF Instructions of how to build your own strong grow boxes.

Best soil-less mix:

1/3 peat moss (or cocoa peat)

1/3 vermiculite (or Utelite if you want)

1/3 kelp meal (or worm compost)

Then each year add compost

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