Fruit Trees for Northern Utah

Peach (All, Red Haven pictures above)

Nectarine (All)

Apricot (Mormon/Chinese)

Pluot (Dapple Dandy, Flavor Supreme, Flavor King)

Plum (Santa Rosa)

Pear (Bartlett)

Asian Pear

Apple (Many)

Cherry (All)

Mulberry (Illinois or Persian Black)

Nut Trees for Northern Utah

Almond (All in one)

Walnut (Ambassador)

Filbert (Casina, Barcelona)

Pecan (Fine for Southern Utah - could grow in Northern Utah, but will never produce pecans.)

Fruit and Nut Orchard

Living fence with Honeycrisp Apples pruned as a Belgian Espalier (First Year)

Pluot (Flavor Supreme) superb flavor

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